Summary of the year

Hello, I’m Hasmik. I’m in the 9th grade. We have English lessons thrice a week. During the classes we do a lot of exercises, discussions, learn new words, read texts and write essays, do translations and listenings.

This year I learned a lot of new words and began to understand more clearly in English. It has become easier for me to translate large texts. We learned a lot of grammar topics: do and make, direct and indirect speech, passive voice, active and passive sentences, non-continuous verbs, common phrases, as or than. I think my English has improved markedly.

I participated in all projects during which I learned a lot, not only for English. For me, all the projects («Lets Translate!», «Me and my Armenia») were very interesting. During the projects, there was nothing complicated for me.

I really want the classes to be the same from September, because during the quarantine I started to get depressed and I don’t want this to happen again in a few months. I really like to stay home, but still, I am not pleasant about this situation.

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